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Artificial intelligence sorting digital documents

Automating digital document sorting

Companies deal with 1000s of digital documents from invoices to object photos on a daily basis and sorting of these documents is a tedious and time consuming process.
With our AI, we make sorting a seamless process!

Artificial intelligence sorting digital documents

Say hello to a hassle free experience

Larger Volumes

Non stop picking out information from endless no. of documents.

Fast processing

Classifier take less than a minute to segregate documents.

Classifies Multiple documents

Our AI classifies documents into invoices, pan card, aadhar card, driving license, insurance policy etc.

Fast deployment

Deploy Document classifier within few days in your present systems.

Get the most out of Document Classifier

Seamless integration

Our product is customisable. It is cloud based and API friendly.

Import in any format

Our classifier supports different document types like PDFs, JPGs and PNGs

Export data in the form of folders

Export documents in the form of classified folders

Extract data in 3 easy steps

Upload images/pdfs Verification Export Segregated documents 1 2 3