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Our solution automates data extraction, integrates third-party sources, and accelerates risk analysis, enabling underwriters to make timely, accurate decisions. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to efficient, informed underwriting.

Uplifting Underwriters
Automating Underwriters

Automating Underwriting

Navigating Cost Challenges

In the face of regulated premiums and escalating losses, US commercial insurers seek to boost margins by optimizing costs. Manual extraction of submission data is a bottleneck, requiring labor-intensive efforts and resulting in poor data quality and inefficiencies. Automation emerges as a critical solution to mitigate these challenges and enhance underwriting efficiency.

Pibit.AI Data Extraction Process

Automate Submission Ingestion Workflow

Step 1


Data can be ingested via API, SFTP, Email or our UI in multiple formats like excel, pdf, jpg, word and tiff

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Step 2


Our AI model does the classification, cleaning and extracts the data from loss runs, accords, schedules and other submission documents

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Step 3

Data Verification

Automated quality checks runs on the data along with expert review, makes sure data is accurate

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Step 4

Data Enrichment

Extracting information from relevant third party sources as per the line of Business, provides 360 degree view of the Customer.

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Step 5


Generating visual reports that summarizes the key trends in loss run documents

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Step 6


Sending this extracted data along with analytics to the carriers either via APIs, Excels, SFTP, Email or any other way as per requirement.

Flow Step Image
Flow Step Image

Step 1


Data can be ingested via API, SFTP, Email or our UI in multiple formats like excel, pdf, jpg, word and tiff

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Cost Saving

Productivity Inc


Productivity Inc

Reduced Ratio


Reduced Loss Ratio

Challenges processing commercial submissions

  • Manual web scraping
  • Deprived productivity
  • High Expense Ratio
  • Compromised risk selection
  • Operational scalability
  • Low data quality

Impact of our Solutions

  • Improved Loss ratios
  • Underwriter efficiency
  • Throughput processing
  • Speed to quote
  • Premium adequacy and growth
  • Scalable potential

Capabilities you gain

Unlocking Underwriting Excellence

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Customer 360

Gain access to relevant, extracted, and enhanced data from submissions through a diverse pool of third-party data sources. Analyse open claims, exposure risks, and more to make informed decisions

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Increase Submission throughout processing

Getting data extracted within minutes from submission documents, increases the overall number of documents handled

Feedback Icon

Feedback Loop

Integrated loop between model and the final output, automatically trains the model on regular basis and constantly learn and improve it’s accuracy

Prioirity Icon

Prioritize Submissions

Unleash the power of your business rules and prioritize submissions based on denial trends, acceptance rates, premiums, and more across different lines of business and agents.

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Appetite Check

Digitize and establish data linking for structured and unstructured documents such as loss runs and ACORDs, ensuring organized and centralized processing of submissions. Our solution enables seamless integration and efficient handling of various document types.

Fortify your Data: Unwavering Security

We prioritize safeguarding your data. With SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications, rest assured your information is in capable hands. All data is stored on highly secure US-based cloud servers.

Our track record has earned the trust of top carriers.


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